The Verge is reporting that Verizon is finally getting a version of Nokia's flagship Lumia 920 phone. The phone is reportedly called the "Nokia Laser" (REAL TIMELY, GUYS).

The Lumia 920, of course, has been an AT&T exclusive since its launch. The Laser will be released alongside another Lumia phone from Nokia's forthcoming "Catwalk" line, which is supposed to be slimmer, lighter and made of aluminum.


Both should be out later this year. That would be great news for Windows Phone fans on Verizon, who have the very good HTC 8X, but no premium Nokia phone. We'd expect to hear something about all of Nokia's new phones at MWC next month, and probably not toooo much of a wait after that. Nokia told us at CES that it wants to avoid a situation like last year, where it would announce a phone, and then wait months to release it. Fingers crossed that means we'll see these phones sooner rather than later. [Verge]