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Samsung LED Lamp Review: Just Like a Normal Light Bulb, Except It Lasts a Generation

Illustration for article titled Samsung LED Lamp Review: Just Like a Normal Light Bulb, Except It Lasts ema Generation/em

Television-based web browsing, Facebook-integrated refrigerators, iPad-enabled potties—this multifunctionality craze is getting out of hand, often at the cost of a device's performance. Samsung's latest LED bulb however does the one thing it was designed to do really, really well.


What Is It?

It's a 13W LED light designed to replace a conventional 60W A19 bulb.

Who's it For?

People too busy to change a light bulb more than once every 22 years.


Steampunk sans the brass—it's the same size as a standard A19 bulb but significantly heavier, with a ring of heat-sinking metal flanges supporting the illuminating bits at the top.


Using It

Screw it in, turn it on, go about your business.

The Best Part

You don't notice it because it behaves exactly like a conventional incandescent. It turns on instantly and evenly without flickering. It works seamlessly on dimmer switches without any hum.

Tragic Flaw

While the light works with dimmer switches, it doesn't seem to want to play nice with lamps using the three-step switch variety.


This Is Weird...

It won't fade fabrics because it doesn't emit UV light. Finally, your inside couch won't look like your outside couch.


Test Notes

  • The bulb shines with a 330 degree area spread, which makes it ideal for shaded lamps, overhead lights, and other room-lighting fixtures. Reading lamps, not so much.
  • It can be used outdoors but only in a full enclosure
  • While not as searingly hot as conventional bulbs, the metal flanges on the Samsung LED can get uncomfortably warm to the touch after an hour or so of operation.

Should You Buy It?

Yes, thirty bucks for a quarter century of reliable convenience seems pretty fair.


Samsung LED Lamp A19 Specs

• Wattage: 13W
• Replacement Wattage: 60W
• Lumens: 900
• Color Temp: 3000k
• Lifespan: 25,000 hours
• Size: E26 base, 4.3-inch x 2.4-inch
• Price: $30 at
• Gizrank: 3 stars


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Denver is too damn high

Gallery would have been nice to include it turned on next to an incandescent light for color temp comparisons. I've seen MANY new generation lights that report color temp to be X but they are rarely accurate.