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Everybody Needs to Watch This Geek Love TV Show

Oh man. I have a new addiction. Or guilty pleasure. Or whatever you call it when you watch shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians because you love how the family sticks together. It's called Geek Love and it's amazing. An online reality TV show, the series focuses on geeks who are looking for, well, love.


Originally supposed to air on TLC, I guess the show thought it had a better chance of succeeding on YouTube. The series shows the geeks, both guys and girls, participating in Sci-Fi Speed Dating, a speed dating service held during Sci-Fi and Comic conventions.


Geek Love is three episodes in its season with new episodes airing on Thursdays. I hope everybody finds somebody! [Geek Love via Laughing Squid]

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Expecting any kind of relationship from somebody you meet at a con is a dead sure way to get let down. It can lead to some awesome dates, but the distance (well, the lack of occurrences to meet) is a huge issue. If the people were really into the same things (*beyond* their fandom), they likely would have met already if they lived nearby. There's a lot more to a geek than his/her fandom, but I think most of the people attending the event are in full-on geek mode. The other things in life are in the back of the mind. The last video ended well so far, but I think the idea of finding a potential mate at a con is just going to turn into a big letdown. Go for the con, and maybe find a few friends and have a fun date. Just enjoy the experience.

"16 GB of RAM, 3.4 CPU...The guys I'm looking to date will know what I'm talking about." Yeah...and laugh at the puny rig. Gamers concentrate on the video card first, not excessive amounts of system RAM and mediocre CPU (she didn't note if it was a dual or quad core i5). That said, I do more programming and virtualization than gaming, so I would like the rig much more (albeit HDD vs SSD for the system drive is a big question mark).

..Just saying since she seemed to like comparing sizes...

...and that Kirito stole my costume. Geek rage!