Archos Titanium Hands-On: For $119 This Tablet Gets the Job Done

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You may remember the rumors of a $99 Nexus 7 that were popping up a few months back. That never came to pass, but it looks like Archos is trying its hands at that pricepoint now with the new line of Titanium tablets, including a $119 7-incher. And it feels...OK.


Archos has rolled out a metric shit-ton of different varieties of tablets in the line, including the 7-inch ARCHOS 70 ($119), the 8-inch 80 ($169), the 10.1-inch 101 ($200) and the 9.7-inch 97 ($250). All of the tablets share basically the same core specs: dual-core 1.6GHz CPUs with quad-core GPUs, 8GB of storage (upgradable to 64GB by microUSB), lackluster 2MP front-facing cameras, and they all run Jellybean 4.1. The Archos 9.7 boasts a 2048 x 1536 display, but the rest aren't so lucky.

As for how they feel, well, they feel like they cost. The beauty of the Nexus 7 was its low-price point and smooth experience, and in that respect, the Achros 70 is no $99 Nexus 7. While the performance seems serviceable, there's definitely a certain jankiness to the scrolling, even on the home-screen. It's workable, but clearly sub-optimal. The tablets themselves feel well-made, but there are little points of cheapness that stick out. The buttons, for instance, were somewhat loose and plasticy and just felt crappy.


It's hard to make a real judgement with just a few minutes of hands-on time, but I'm not going to let that stop me. It seems like the Archos 70 (and its kin) are pretty damn good considering their low price-point, but you'd get so so so so much more bang for you buck if you pony up the extra 80 for a Nexus 7. But if you can't spare the extra scratch, the Archos Titanium line looks like a promising budget offering. But it's just that: budget.

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I realize I'm completely alone on this matter... But, if the Nexus 7 had an SD card slot, I'd already own several of them. At least one for home, and one for work. Not everything belongs in "the cloud"... especially if your employer demands that certain data be kept completely private.

Give me a Nexus 7 with SD slot... I'll pay an extra $25 for it... and that's more than what the hardware should cost. Local, and private storage? Yes please!

Are concerns over cloud storage without merit? Maybe. Feel free to explain that to my boss!