This Scale Measures the Carbon Dioxide Levels In Your Room and Your Pulse

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Though it seems iterative, Withings new Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 adds additional features like heart rate and air quality monitoring. Your weight, body fat and pulse are then transmitted over Wi-Fi/Bluetooth to the Withings Health Mate app (iOS, Android).

So heart rate monitoring is kind of whatever on a scale but the addition of air quality monitoring is a bit of a head scratcher. This is apparently achieved by measuring the surrounding temperature and carbon dioxide levels. According to Withings, the importance of carbon dioxide metering is as follows:

Carbon dioxide is a gas formed by metabolic activity that builds up to excessive levels in confined spaces, like bedrooms, when an insufficient amount of fresh air is being delivered. High levels of CO2 can produce a variety of health effects that can affect sleep, like headaches, dizziness, restlessness, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate and sweating. By monitoring and managing indoor air quality, people can live and sleep in a healthier environment.


Withings plans to release the Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 sometime this quarter for $149.95. [Withings, Press Release]

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I have been saying for years that there needs to be one device which tells me both how fat I am AND how much CO2 I'm breathing. Those are two things which go together like peanut butter and chocolate. You got your CO2 sensor in my bathroom scale! No, you got your bathroom scale in my CO2 sensor! Next, someone should create a cell phone which can also tighten and loosen the oil filter on my car, cuz that's a union that's just waiting to happen. If you can't tell from the tone of my voice, I'm being super sarcastic.

Seriously though, a CO2 (and CO) sensor in your already wifi-connected hvac thermostat which already spits out long-term graphs and logs in your web browser makes a lot more sense than a CO2 sensor in your bathroom scale. At least the thermostat is on 24 hours a day and located in a part of the house where I spend a significant amount of my time, instead of a bathroom.