It's Pretty Clear That We Want to Talk About Gun Control Now

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This is a Google search trend chart that shows the search results of 'gun control' in Google over the past seven years. As you can see, the Google query for gun control spikes significantly every time a mass shooting takes place but it has never received more interest than these past few days since the Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown.


Which means, yes, we need to talk about gun control now. Call it politicizing a tragedy or call it doing the sensible thing or whatever the hell you want, it's clear that people want to talk about gun control now. They're searching for it on Google, they're learning about, they're educating themselves. So politicians, the NRA, Obama, whomever. Let's do something about it. [Google via BuzzFeed]


[Stepping on the soap box]

It is great to talk, but ultimately they will not stop tragedies like this from happening.


Three homicides per 100,000 people living in this country.

88 guns per 100 people.

5 percent of the population and 50 percent of all of the guns in the world.

When Obama was elected in 2008 we sold out of ammo and weapons. Why? Because there is a chunk of our country that has a love affair with guns. Others have a crush on not taking away others rights to have that loving relationship with guns. It is like a vicious political ménage à trois.

No doubt that we have plenty of other issues that sit on the periphery - mental health, gangs, families, healthcare, education, religion and so forth - but the reason we keep having people killed with guns is because (a) we have so many of them and (b) there always seems to be someone to take advantage of that. Eliminate the gangs - and we still have this problem. Eliminate single mothers - and we still have this problem. Eliminate healthcare issues, education and make us all go to church every Sunday but we will still have this problem. Those things need to be discussed but they are a red herring from the core problem.

The United States is so enamored with that second amendment, under the guise that we need ammo to keep our government from seizing our property, that it is impossible to genuinely try something new. Prying this gun from my cold dead hands is exactly what we are getting - but not exactly the way that phrase had intended.

As long as all of the guns are still out there gun control will never make much of a difference. Sure - it will make us feel like we did something important. Look at us - we crossed the political isle and made it more difficult to get a gun, or we eliminated this type of weapon. Great. I feel better. Temporarily. Until this happens again. Why? Because we have have 50% of the worlds guns. Eliminate THAT statistic and then we can solve this problem.

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