Awesome New Air Conditioner Fends Off Both Heat and Mosquitoes

Illustration for article titled Awesome New Air Conditioner Fends Off Both Heat and Mosquitoes

Air conditioners are truly a technological marvel, cold-campfires of the modern era, or something. But they don't have to be limited to just keeping you cool. A new model LG is rolling out not only cools air but also keeps mosquitoes at bay.


While mosquitoes are mostly just a nuisance here in the states, they're a real danger in places like Africa where you're in danger of itchy bites with a complimentary side of malaria. LG's "Anti-Mosquito" air conditioner aims to help with that problem a bit by utilizing ultrasonic wave technology which makes sounds mosquitoes hate. According to LG it's 82 percent effective at scaring off mosquitoes in general and 64 percent effective at shooing the ones with malaria.

Because it's designed with Africa in mind, the unit also is good at dealing with fluctuating power without stopping or exploding or anything. All in all, it's a pretty beastly unit, and hopefully the whole "automatically fights mosquitoes thing" will catch on. I can think of about a dozen things that should be included in by default off the top of my head. [LG via Ubergizmo]


While we are working on A/C tech, can we get an interior a/c unit that doesnt need water or needs to drain water so it would be ideal for apartments that cannot have window units?