How Mitt Romney's Plane Gets Stripped of Mitt Romney Now That He Lost

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We all know that Air Force One transports the President around but what about the presidential candidate? Well for Mitt Romney, he used an airplane from a small airplane company in Michigan who will get it back now and have to "de-Romneyize" it: strip the logos, change the seats and clean it up.


The airplane, a personalized McDonnell Douglas MD-83, is operated by USA Jet Airlines and needs a deep, thorough cleaning and then needs to be stripped of all its logo and re-branded. Specifically, according to BusinessWeek:

The Romney paint job—a blue belly and white top, with "BELIEVE IN AMERICA" stenciled on each side—will be stripped and painted over, likely with a mostly white coat and the USA Jet logo.

The seats could also be changed around, Romney didn't require much customization in the MD-83 but he did add extra captain's tables. A spokeswoman says they might keep the setup the same because they don't "want to do a lot of extra work that we don't need to." Other than that, the plane goes back into the rotation of serving politicians, sports teams and bands. Pretty rough life. [BusinessWeek, Image Credit: Getty]


Raphael Huber

Hello America, Europe here. Thank you! Only half of you are stupid. Luckily this time, unlike when those idiots voted bush TWICE, the intelligent half was a little bit stronger. But know that for every place outside US it would have been utmost embarrassing if Romney had been elected. For people over here it is actually not really explicable how romney can get votes at all.