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How To Get the Internet via Text Message During Hurricane Doomsday

Illustration for article titled How To Get the Internet via Text Message During Hurricane Doomsday

If you're on the East Coast and can still read this, consider yourself lucky. But if you somehow manage to survive, there's a good chance your electricity—and Internet—will be dead. Use SMS instead.


BuzzFeed's intrepid Internet-monger and storm veteran John Herrman rounded up a helpful variety of ways to get the web's most important stuff—Google, email, Facebook, Twitter—using quick text bursts instead of a browser.

For example: text anything you want to search for to 466453 (GOOGLE) and it'll hit you back with text results. You might not be able to do much with them, but at least you can check NFL scores. Facebook also offers notification forwarding over SMS, so you can get the latest on which of your friends have been blown out into the Atlantic Ocean even after your router goes down.


And Twitter, of course, was designed to be used over SMS (it's true!), so you'll be fully covered there.

Can you believe this is how a lot of people in poor countries use the Internet every day? After the storm is done, maybe you'll be more grateful. Hit FWD for the rest of these essential survival tips. [BuzzFeed]

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"Odds are you'll be dead within the next hour"