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Watch the Exciting Trailer For the... Iron Man 3 Trailer?

Are you excited for the first official look at Iron Man 3? Of course you are. So to tide you over until the official trailer is released, here's the official trailer for the official trailer that gives us a handful of tantalizing looks at what the official trailer has in store. Let's break down some of what it reveals.

  • Tony Stark's sporting a shorter haircut and a newfound disdain for talking to the press.
  • Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow's character) has been captured and requires rescue from some manner of superhero. Our educated guess: Iron Man... or the Green Lantern.
  • Our first look at Mandarin, or at least the back of his hairdo.
  • Helicopters!
  • The Iron Man suit's got a new paint job, requiring kids to update their Iron Man action figures accordingly.

The full trailer is expected to be released on Tuesday, and given the non-stop action in the trailer trailer, we can't imagine what it must have in store. [YouTube via TechEBlog]

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I'm not so sure Pepper was captured...looks more like she's on a scary roller coaster.