GIFCTRL: Take Godlike Control Over Any GIF

Illustration for article titled GIFCTRL: Take Godlike Control Over Any GIF

Problem: you love animated GIFs, but wish you had omnipotent Time Lord-like control over their movements. Solution: GIFCTRL.


You didn't have any plans for Sunday afternoon anyway, right? Good. Because this is how you're going to spend it.

GIFCTRL displays your favorite animated loops of life-wasting in the same mega-sized format as MAXGIF before it, but with the added feature of letting you control the GIFs in question simply by moving your cursor back and forth. You can click through for a random assortment of the internet's favorites, or you can upload your own to see how they scrub.

The important thing to remember is that there's no right or wrong way to GIFCTRL. Click through or stay, upload or don't, fastforward or rewind. They're all equally valid ways to say goodbye to the rest of your day. But just in case you need a few suggestions to get you started, the below should play nicely with GIFTRL's big screen silliness. [GIFCTRL via Verge]



The skateboarding gifs are good use for this.