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Juicy J (Ft. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne): Bandz A Make Her Dance

This (heads up: rather explicit) song is the perfect thing to listen to at your desk, the volume way up, your headphones clamped on, all day long. And, since we're all at our computers right now, I suggest you turn it on now if you haven't already. It's caffeine for the ears!


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Carlos Bacco

Please, always put the original link in the articles (as other editors do). As sometimes I can't see YT videos inside Giz because the broken embed code, a link would be very helpful. Thanks. (also, please fix the broken login system, that sometimes show me as logged in the top header but doesn't log me in at the comments section. I've needed to close the browser and re-login at least three times to post this).