Do You Torrent?

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Music, videos, ebooks—if you're a scofflaw who's into downloading pirated content, your options are seemingly endless. But are you? Do you?


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Nothing to See Here!

I never pirate, it's just not fair.

I can understand you buy music, the music goes missing, then yeah sure, I think you should be allowed to pirate it, you've already spent money on it.

I buy my music and apps from iTunes, movies on Blu-ray, sometimes the Blu-ray also comes with a digital download and I can sell it again later if I don't want it.

Would you go to a Ferrari dealership and steal a Ferrari? I know that sounds like that ad that always gets played in legally bought movies, but when you think about it, the Ferrari doesn't cost money, it's the time people spent on it that costs money...same applies to media, except there's a cheaper price, because they simply need to pay off a budget, per unit doesn't cost money.