There's Going to Be a Porn Search Engine and It Might Change Your Life

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Yes. You already search freaky sex terms on porn tube sites but that's not a full-fledged search engine. This porn search engine will clean up the nasty side of online porn (viruses, malware, etc.) by delivering only official .xxx results—the whole 21 million webpage catalog. This porn search engine might be more useful than Google.


Stuart Lawley, the CEO of the group which operates the .xxx domain says the search engine is all about porn:

"It's porn, only porn, all porn. There's as much porn there as anyone would need, I'd imagine."


Lawley says the search engine wil protect user privacy so your weird fetish searches don't pop up in everyday, innocuous searching and wants the search engine to be clean, fast and to the point. In his words, the porn search engine will "have no ads, no videos, nothing on the search engine itself", so that people can take their time and not worry about being bombarded with camgirl ads in finding their source material.

Maybe there is room for a porn search engine and maybe it can change our computer habits. Google is notoriously sucky for providing quality porn results (in terms of videos) because anything relevant is censored into oblivion and everything on Page 7 and beyond devolves into horsecocks and BDSM. Having a quality porn search engine that delivers the Google experience while not having to worry about censoring results? It's a wonder why we took so long. [Network World]

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Farquest de Jamal

What is needed is a porn music search engine.