Chase Bank Is Second to be Hit with Cyber-Attack In Response to "Sacrilegious Movie"

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Just yesterday we reported that a group by the name of Izz ad-din Al qassam had claimed responsibility for a hack that brought down the website for Bank of America and obliterated its Twitter feed in addition to messing with the NYSE.

Today, the same group posted a new note to Pastebin, announcing "Operation Ababil: second step over"

In the name of Allah the companionate the merciful

My soul is devoted to you Dear Prophet of Allah

"Operation Ababil" started over BoA :

In the second step we attacked the largest bank of the united states, the "chase" bank. These series of attacks will continue untill the Erasing of that nasty movie from the Internet.

The site "" is down and also Online banking at "" is being decided to be Offline !

Down with modern infidels.

### Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam ###

Until this movie is removed, it seems these individuals are set on making mobile access difficult for customers of the Big Banks. Funny, their sites are down so often anyway, the hacks feel more like just down day in mobile banking. [BetaBeat]


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Check me if I'm wrong, but if they are talented group, couldn't THEY just remove the movie from the internet themselves??? I have no opinion on the movie, but seriously people.