Prudish Pinterest Won't Allow Pins Sourced from (UPDATE)

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Sure, Pinterest is known for hosting essentially what amounts to a virtual, scrolling, wedding wish-book. But it's also home to some rather sexy, somewhat stylized "tasteful" nude images. It's equal opportunity as far as pins go.

Except for when it's not.

Lain MacNeil—founder of the NSFW Pinterest-esque—is up in arms over Pinterest's refusal to allow user pins sourced from


TechCrunch reports MacNeil's statement on the matter:

Without contacting us, Pinterest banned all activity from Pinterest users can no longer pin any content from nor can they view the site from older pins. We've unjustly been marked as spam. Our attempts to contact Pinterest have been fruitless. We want to know why they banned their adult community from seeing an alternative. Is it as simple as Pinterest is afraid of losing the adult content community despite the fact they do not respect users who use their site for adult content? Or is it that Pinterest does not believe a female audience for is inappropriate?

Mr. MacNeil, who was excited by the prospect of receiving links through Pinterest and reaching some of its wide female audience, is understandably upset that content from his site is now being marked immediately as spam.

"In all official Pinterest Terms of Service they claim that pins are the responsibility of the user," he told TechCrunch. "So on what grounds do they have the right to supersede the user's ability to pin from"


His is a valid question, and one deserving of some sort of explanation. It certainly seems, at this point, like Pinterest could have something against the site purely for its similarity in design and agenda. [TechCrunch]

Update: Pinterest's Barry Schnitt reached out with the following statement:

"Pinterest doesn't allow nudity or pornography. Never has. In fact, I don't know any social site that does. I'm not sure what the confusion is about here, but we're proud of our position on the issue and of our efforts to keep the site clean."


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It seriously bothers me that almost everything that can be useful in an educational environment has to be screwed over by perverts online. I work in education, and there are fantastic ideas on there that can be used to enhance and make learning fun. But because some people need yet another outlet to pleasure themselves it really screws the rest of us. And yet again, another useful resource gets blocked.