A Timeless Filson Bag That Will Probably Outlive You

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This Filson suitcase is so awesome and stylish it would work at a safari or just a weekend getaway. It's a wheeled bag that doesn't even look like a wheeled bag.


It's the perfect size for a short trip, and the brand is seriously confident in its quality. Filson has been making bags for more than 100 years, and it gives a solid guarantee:

For 100 years, the Filson guarantee has remained unchanged. Our trademark still is "Might as Well Have the Best". Practically indestructible, all Filson garments have a guarantee, witnessed by the fact that they have been passed down from fathers to sons to grandsons. When you buy Filson clothing, hats and luggage, you can be assured that you have purchased the highest quality product available, guaranteed to withstand the test of time.


How wonderfully worded is that? If you're going to spend $500 on a bag, it might as well be something you're going to have forever.

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The amount you spend on a good bag is worth it. Travelling for work 4 days a week, in and out of airports I put miles on my luggage. I had a $100 Target suitcase at first because that's all I could afford, but it broke after two years. I bought a very nice roll aboard, around $500 as well and it has lasted me five years, and I can barely tell it from new. I can see this bag easily lasting 50-60 years of hard use.