Shit Apple Fanatics Say, PART DEUX

Scott Rose, the guy behind Shit Apple Fanatics Say, send over the latest installment of his hilarious satire reel. Same shit, still funny.

Thanks, Scott!

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Kat Callahan

I made the switch in 2008 after nearly losing a major video editing project on windows. I'd been using Macs in some capacity since 2001, and owned a Mac Mini, but I hadn't fully gone over to Mac until windows failure. I ended up hackintoshing my PC and found even with a lot of the kexts I had to write myself, it was significantly more stable than that same PC had been on windows. My next computer purchases have always been Macs from that point on.

I would say that I probably say half the things represented in this video and the previous video. However, I either don't care about the other half, or I actually disagree with the other half. Of course, this is satire, so it's definitely over the top.

Also, I never get AppleCare, and so far, Apple has fixed everything I've ever asked them to, in or out of warranty, for free. AppleCare is a ripoff unless you're someone who goes skydiving with your Mac. Any failure a Mac has during the course of ordinary daily use is a failure inherent in the machine, and Apple should be on the hook to fix or replace it.