This Week's Top Comedy Video: Inside Jose Canseco's Twitter Account


If you're not familiar with Jose Canseco's Twitter feed by now, you really should be. It's the perfect blend of arrogance, idiocy, and non sequitur that elevates the craft of being a nonsensical steroid-stuffed meatbag to unprecedented heights.

What, you didn't think that all happened by magic, did you? Here's the team behind the tweets.

Oh and in case you think this is one of those cases where they're exaggerating for comedic effect?


And so on.

The rest of this week's top comedy videos, including a rejected Home Alone pitch, a Wire RPG, and a telemarketing Bane can be found over at Splitsider.


Other highlights from the week in comedy:

- UCB's Neil Casey is hired as a writer at SNL!

- Adam Pally and Gil Ozeri are making a movie together.

- NBC, ABC, and Fox buy sitcoms and sitcoms and sitcoms and sitcoms. FX does too.


- Shows announce new castings and such.

- We looked into comedians' pre-show rituals.

- We daydreamed about our heroes.

- We unlocked British comedy's weirdest secret.

- We presented the history and talent of SNL cast member Brad Hall.

- We found out it's never too late with comedy's late bloomers.

- We asked some hard-hitting questions about Newsroom.

- We discussed the Ray Romano comedy documentary 95 Miles to Go.

- We connected Samuel Beckett and Adult Swim.

- We talked to Ken Marino about his Lost Roles.

- We dug into the archives to watch Colbert, Sedaris, and Dinello talk about Strangers with Candy.


- We followed @StevenAmiri on Twitter.

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