Confirmed: All The New Kindle Fires Will Have Ads That You Can't Get Rid Of (Updated)

Before you get too excited about picking up a new Kindle Fire, there's something you should know: it's going to have ads, and you won't be able to get rid of them.

According to CNET, Amazon has confirmed that each and every model of the new Kindle Fire (7-inch, 8.9-inch, 4Gm etc) will have "Special Offers" or—in layman's terms—there will be ads on your lockscreen and homescreen. Last time around, if you didn't want the ads you could just buy them out. That's still an option for e-ink Kindles, but not for any of the Fires. Your Kindle Fire HD is going to have ads unless you go so far as to flash your ROM.

There are bound to be plenty of people out there who couldn't care less about the ads. After all, they do subsidize the Kindle down to a nice, cheap price point. On the other hand, there's something to be said for options, like the option of paying a one-time fee instead of having a device that will show ads theoretically forever. For the ad-adverse that buyout deal was pretty sweet while it lasted, and clearly too sweet to last. [CNET]


Update: Amazon has since changed its tune, and has decided to offer the opportunity to opt-out.

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This article, seems to disagree. I love it when Feedly shows me dueling headlines.