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This Is What Nokia's PureView Camera REALLY Looks Like

Nokia has come around and apologized for its sleight of hand trick on the PureView demo, saying it should have put a disclaimer saying that the video was not made with a Lumia phone. That's good on them. Even better though is that Nokia has released a video showing optical image stabilization footage taken with an actual Lumia camera. This one's real, folks.


Here's how Nokia describes the new video above:

Here is the video shown at the press conference shot using a Lumia 920. On the right is a Lumia 920 prototype with OIS. On the left is a smartphone without OIS.


The difference is clear! The Lumia's camera, even if its only in prototype form right now, is much, much better and very, very stable. This is something Nokia should have been proud of from the beginning instead of worrying about polishing a fake representation and posing it as real. Kudos to Nokia for owning up to their mistake. And kudos for developing PureView, which is still pretty awesome. [Nokia]

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The iPhone has video stabilization since the 3GS… And it is as good as the one by Nokia.