Is This the Saddest Corner of the Internet?

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Most of the time, the Internet is home to happy and humorous memes and viral content. A fun and funny realm for us to play in and with.

But the Internet, if we treat it objectively, like life, is more than that. At least, so some believe it should be.

Memmento, A new website launched today, is one of the Internet's sadder corners. Billing itself as an "online cemetery", Memmento provides a free platform for mourners to creates online memorials for their dearly departed.

Memmento is a place where you can create an online memorial for your loved ones. By creating an online memorial, you can preserve the memory of your loved ones for eternity. Creating an online memorial is free and always will be. Join our large community, gather all memories of your loved one to one place and create a stunning online memorial. Share it than with your family and friends.


The easy point of entry allows anyone to memorialize whomever they like—so we can expect to see some harmless abuse with it. (I hope never to see my own memorial because that seems like a tragic thing to behold, while alive.) But mourning online is a very real thing, as we share ever more of our real lives with the internet.

This really doesn't seem like a half-bad idea. [BetaBeat]

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DISCUSSION memento or meme mento. i cant look at that word without these two things popping into my head.

i dont understand online mourning.