Do You Like Soundbars?

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Soundbars can't quite match the enveloping feel of home theater systems yet they're so much better than pumping audio through your wimpy TV speakers. Or are they? Are soundbars the best compromise—affordable, easy to setup—for audio or are they the worst of both worlds—not quite good enough for the price—that's not really worth the savings?

For soundbar owning folks, do you enjoy the sound or do you regret buying it? For home theater geeks, would you actually recommend them for someone looking to improve his setup? Basically, I want to know what you guys think of soundbars and if they're worth buying or if it's a step worth skipping on your way to setting up your quasi-home theater.

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Brent Moore

I moved in with my grandfather for the time being while going to a university in socal. In the living room he had a NIIIICE new 50" samsung 3d tv. But running sound through the built in speakers in the tv and I just couldn't really take it cause all these years in highschool, i have pretty much spoiled myself and spent all my work money on nice audio equipment like homeaudio amps/speakers, studio monitors, and preamps, compressors, and equalizers, etc. for my mobile recording rack. So needless to say, it was a liiiiiittle bit of a step down for me haha, so I caved and bought a soundbar. I did some research beforehand and this particular one from vizio was getting a lot of good hype so I decided to get it (see link below). Never in a million years did I ever expect it to sound this good. In my honest opinion, I think it keeps up with $1000+ soundbars and even surpasses some. It really just blew my mind how this little bar under the tv could sound so good. All I can say is GET ONE!!!! Its a fantastic and inexpensive alternative to buying a surround sound setup for your home theater/living room. The only downside that I have noticed is that the low end from the sub starts to get a little sloppy when you start to really crank it. But really, how often do you do that. Well Im going to stop rambling now and conclude this with, GET THIS SOUNDBAR!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!