Amazon Is Releasing Two New 7-Inch Kindle Fires But No iPad-Sized One

Illustration for article titled Amazon Is Releasing Two New 7-Inch Kindle Fires But No iPad-Sized One

It's long been rumored—ever since the first Kindle Fire was released really—that Amazon was making a 10-inch, iPad-sized version of the Kindle Fire. According to CNET, that's going to stay a rumor because though Amazon is planning to release TWO new Kindle Fires, they BOTH will be 7-inch versions.


That means no regular tablet for you. Or maybe that 7-inch tablets are the new normal. What would be the difference between the two tablets given that they're both 7-inches? According to CNET's report, it looks like Amazon will slightly upgrade the original Kindle Fire, "which includes a new user interface" and "will almost certainly charge a lower price for the device than the original". This sounds a lot like when Apple introduces a new iPad or iPhone and sells last year's iPad or iPhone for much cheaper.

As for the brand new Kindle Fire? CNET expects more hardware improvements which includes, "a faster processor, a camera, physical volume controls, and an HDMI port. It will also have larger storage capacity, but it will still not be expandable." All that really means nothing except that the new Kindle Fire will be better than the old Kindle Fire, which everybody already knows. The news is that Amazon won't start a new fight with a 10-inch version when there's already a war going on with the Nexus 7 (and soon to be iPad Mini) at the smaller 7-inch weight class. [CNET]



I think it's mainly to stay true to their general sweet spot in price, which is probably something that can't be achieved with a larger tablet without cutting way too many corners. Aside from that, it also keeps it well into the safe harbor of dedicated Kindle users that consider upgrading to a Fire, but don't want to go that much larger from their e-ink Kindles.