Orlando's Orwellian Surveillance Cameras Bust Guy Smoking and Eating Weed on a Corner

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Everyone knows if you're smoking weed and you think the cops are coming, the best thing for you to do is just eat the evidence. Super Troopers taught us that much. Except it doesn't work if you live in the police state known as Orlando and there are cameras watching you, 29-year-old Joe Haywood recently learned.

Joe was arrested after an officer caught him on an Innovative Response to Improve Safety (I.R.I.S.) camera. The cameras were installed on a corner notorious for drug activity in an effort to clean things up. When Joe saw the long arm of the law approaching, he popped an entire blunt in his mouth. What happened next is blockquoted, for comedy's sake:

Haywood was handcuffed and ordered to open his mouth but refused, so an officer tried for 30 seconds to use pressure points on his jaw to open his mouth, the affidavit said. Officers said Haywood swallowed the joint during the incident and marijuana could be smelled on him, the report stated.


I.R.I.S. cameras have were installed throughout different parts of Orlando after the police department learned they were successful in reducing crime in Minneapolis. So probably don't smoke weed on the streets of Orlando or Minneapolis. Too bad for Joe, but seems to be the IRIS cameras are the job law enforcement intended. [Click Orlando via Drudge Report]

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How can you tell the difference between someone smoking a hand rolled cigarette filled with tobacco or a joint filled with weed on a videotape?