Here's a Video Comparison Between Rumored iPhone 5 Parts and the iPhone 4S

If you weren't aware, a new iPhone is coming out very, very, very soon. And before any new iPhone release, rumored parts of the upcoming iPhone get leaked and pictures get taken and videos get made. This video purportedly shows iPhone 5 parts compared with iPhone 4S parts and the biggest difference? You guessed it: the size of the screen and the new dock connector port.


Repair company Smartphone Medic are the guys behind the video and they show off the front panel and flex cables of the iPhone. We've seen all these parts before, as they're part of the long rumored iPhone 5 design but for technological guts lover, it's nice to see more angles of wires and cables and displays of the next phone that'll be in everyone's hands before it's even unveiled. [Smartphone Medic via MacRumors]



Were those text effects at the beginning really necessary?