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This Sure Looks Like Apple's New iPhone Cable

Illustration for article titled This Sure Looks Like Apples New iPhone Cable

Another day closer to the iPhone 5 launch, another alleged leak part. This time is the USB cable with the rumored iPhone dock connector. It certainly looks designed by Apple, a bit like a Thunderbolt cable.


It's like, magical! Cablelutionary. [Twitter via Business Insider]

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Oh please! Those of us in the right circles know these leaked parts are all a hoax. The next iPhone will have a dual 24-pin connector, will support serial cables for data transfer, will feature a bleeding edge rotary disk for pulse-dialing, a thermal head for fax printing and capacity for two 30-yard paper rolls. I also can't wait to confirm the rumor about the magnetic strip that holds your 30-page notebook!

Also, would any of the fine people in this forum let me know if Reagan is still president?