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A Heavy-Duty iPhone Case That Isn't a Complete Eyesore

Illustration for article titled A Heavy-Duty iPhone Case That Isnt a Complete Eyesore

It's almost inevitable you'll drop your iPhone, and if it's caseless, it'll break both your device and your heart. But withSystm's cases, you might ensure that your phone will have a soft, safe landing.


Now if there's any chance you might upgrade when the new iPhone comes out (which is probably soon!), you maybe shouldn't buy a case now. But if you're sticking with the 4S, these rugged sleeves ($25-$50) will protect your Apple gadget with reinforced bumpers, cushy, corners, and Poron XRD foam in the pricier versions. But better to spend a little money on a case than a lot of money on a new phone. [Uncrate]

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Your iPhone 4S was your friend, until you murdered him.