Sony's New HDR Video Capable Sensors Could Make Your Next iPhone Picture Perfect

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If you think you phone's camera is pretty good already, your might be in for a treat next time around. Sony just announced its new line of next-gen Exmor RS, stacked CMOS image censors, and they look good.


There are three different units in the new line, two of which are eight megapixels, along with a top-of-the-line one that packs 13 megapixels. Sony's also bringing out new f/2.2 lenses and revamped auto-focus modules. To top it all off, each one of these puppies is capable of HDR video recording.

These upcoming sensors are expected to come out sometime in October, so we probably won't actually see these start showing up in mobile devices for a little while. Still, it bodes well for the future of mobile photography and video, after all, Sony's Xperia cameras were already pretty good before this. These new modules should help spread the high-quality love around. [Engadget]


It should be understood that the use of a clear pixel is to make up for the shortcomings of tiny pixels (1.12µm). This is not going to give improved low light performance over the previous generation (1.4µm). It's simply going to avoid too much of a degradation.

That's why they say "heighten sensitivity without compromising its high resolution". It means they can improve versus a sensor with the same number of pixels in the same sensor area. This is needed because the 1.1µm pixel node with normal RGB pixels (Bayer cell) has been poorly received in the industry due to disappointing low light performance.

Full Disclosure: I work for Aptina. A rival sensor company.