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Kat Hannaford's Favourite Gizmodo Post

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Like any good nerdlinger, Simon Pegg is one of my favourite actors. It just so happens that I frickin' hate the unnecessary gimmick that is 3D too, so when I spotted Pegg mouthing off in a 10-tweet tirade (sample: "3D used in films not aimed at children is like seeing someone you respect trying too hard. Like witnessing your dad in leather trousers"), I couldn't help but post it. In true internet metaness-style, seeing Pegg's next tweet, linking to my post about his tweets, I then self-combusted into flames. Or maybe that was due to Jesus' death-glare, over my first (miserably naff) attempt at a blockquote image. Sozzlepops!

Illustration for article titled Kat Hannafords Favourite Gizmodo Post

Simon Pegg is Worried About What 3D is Doing to the Movie Industry


I'm going to let Wags write my bio, and only wish to add that it's actually called Gizmodo UK, but I like the idea of a Gizmoduck mascot! Photoshop, anyone? Here's Wags: "KAT HANNAFORD LIKES FILM CAMERAS AND DRINKING UNTIL SOZZLED AND RUNS GIZMODUCK."

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Kat broke my cherry and starred me. I'll never forget her. Thanks Kat. Now everybody is "starred" with the new commenting system :-(