Barnes And Noble Just Priced Its Nooks To Move

Illustration for article titled Barnes And Noble Just Priced Its Nooks To Move

Whether it's to prepare for a new line, to get ready for impending Kindles, or try and compete with Google's Nexus 7, Barnes and Noble has cut the prices on its three most expensive, most tablet-y Nooks.


The seven-inch, Android-based Nook Tablets are seeing the biggest discount. The 16GB model, originally $249 is now $199, and the 8GB model, orignally $199, has dropped down to $179. Joining the club on the lower end, the Nook Color is also $20 cheaper, moving from its original price of $169 to $149. The prices of their more standard e-readers, on the other hand, remain untouched.

What brought this on is anybody's guess, but we've got a pretty good feeling the new Kindles are imminent. If they are, it's probably not the best time to buy a Nook. At least not without waiting a few days to see what shakes out. [Barnes and Noble via Engadget]


You're aware the device pictured is B&N's original (2 models ago) e-ink Nook, right?