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A Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler That Thinks It's a Cup

Illustration for article titled A Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler That Thinks Its a Cup

The Stelton To Go 2.0 Thermo Cup lures you in with its Danish design, but you'll stay for its drinkability—and not in the Bud Light sense of the word.


It's got a patent-pending rocker stopper lid design that seals shut to prevent spills on the go, while also letting you drink from any angle like you would from a normal cup. No more sipping out of a tiny hole! That makes it perfect for drinks you wouldn't normally think to put in a thermos, like smoothies or milkshakes. It comes in a variety of colored ABS plastics or stainless steel. Either material will keep 13.5 fl oz of hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold for hours on end. No word on pricing or availability yet, but its lidless predecessor runs about $45 so expect something similar. [Stelton via Acquire]

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uh, yeah. This is nothing new. Starbucks used to sell a bigger one with a similar awesome lid. Completely seals when closed. Indestructable. Works great. $20 new. Got mine for $9 when they phased them out.