Will Apple Update Its Entire iOS Lineup This Fall?

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At this point, Apple is widely expected to swap out the iPhone's longstanding 30-pin dock connector with something a lot smaller. But what about the rest of Apple's iOS product lineup? Hell, what about the iPod nano? According to iMore, all of Apple's iOS products will get updated to include the new dock adapter.


That means every iOS device—from the upcoming iPhone 5 to the fabled 7-inch iPad mini and even the current iPad 3—will sport the new adapter come fall. Even the iPod Nano and iPod Touch, according to iMore's sources, will be revamped to include the smaller port. That's across the board adoption of the new port.

Does this make sense? For the iPhone, iPod and rumored iPad Mini, it certainly does. Apple traditionally holds an event for new iPhones and iPads in the fall—updating its line with new ports is perfectly sensible. But what about the iPad? Jumping the update cycle of the iPad by only adding in a smaller dock connector would be an odd move for Apple, but maybe a necessary one to keep the iOS product line consistent. Since Apple's not numbering its iPads anymore, there wouldn't be any naming weirdness to a mid-cycle update. And given how widespread the current dock connector is, a quick death to the 30-pin and even quicker adoption of the new connector for every iOS product is probably the best thing to do. [iMore]


Honestly, I can't see them changing the iPad mid cycle just to match the dock connector of the new iPhone/pods. It doesn't really make sense for them.