The Next Breakthrough in Computer Control: Plant-Fondling

In this era of Kinect, Wii, and Leap, everyone wants to capitalize on motion control. Disney still likes physical peripherals, like houseplants for example.


The Botanicus Interacticus project's goal is to make plants a viable source of input for a computer. You're not going to be surfing the web with them, but in very specific, gimmicky circumstances, it seems cool if nothing else. Disney's main focus seems to arty things, like making music or art with a leafy peripheral.

It's an intruiging technology. All it takes to set up is burying a sensor in the plant's dirt, and it works for living and non-living things alike. Given that the experience is going to be wildly different depending on the plant, it's not like this would be useful for doing anything with accuracy. But for doing weird, unique things (while fondling plants) it's perfect. [Disney Research via TreeHugger]


Can we get an analog version of Electroplankton with this?