This Rustic Milk Crate Stereo Goes Hammer

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Sleek angular speakers sharp edges and shiny finishes can be nice, but sometimes you need something more rugged and raw, something with a bunch of hammers on it. This one-of-a-kind milk-crate stereo and end table is a good fit for that niche.

This handmade piece by Devin Kain features a real milk-crate housing, and real antique hammers for feet. Despite its somewhat flea-market appearance, this baby packs four modern three-inch full-range speakers inside. The backlit photo on the stereo's face is also one-of-a-kind like the unit itself, and that door knob at the top? That's the volume.

That unique backyard-workshop look doesn't come cheap however. You can buy this unit off the Bugcicle Etsy shop, but it'll cost you $999. Still, it's made out of an old milk crate and has hammers for feet; you can be pretty certain nothing else like it is going to come along any time soon. [Technabob]

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Eric Limer

I really like the look of this thing, but I have sort of a hard time envisioning a home or office where it would fit in.