Spy on Instagram All Around the World in Realtime

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People across the globe are Instagramming right now. In Tokyo, a face, cat's legs, breakfast sandwich, and another face were just uploaded. How can you tell? This site lets you watch it all happen, instantaneously.


This Is Now documents the unceasing, visually nauseating torrent of Instagram pics taken in New York, London, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, and Sydney—all of the geotagged, filtered snaps are plopped out in sequence, like some nostalgic conveyer belt. Faces, beaches, food, building, sky, sky, sky building, food, face—it's pretty much the same, regardless of continent. England is a little Olympics-centric for some reason right now, and Tokyo denizens seem to have a special proclivity for their own mugs, but hey—underneath it all, we're all predictable when it comes to digital photography. That's either affirming in a humanistic way, or kind of lame.

Turn it on and stare. [Thanks, Breanna Hughes]


WTF is wrong with people, we created awesome digital cameras with great color reproduction to get away from this type of crap, now people think it's cool again? Howbowt make instagram a browser plugin so a person can look at a normal photo in the instagram style if they want to by clicking a button.

Hell, i'm surprised there's not a chrome extension that instagrams every picture on the web you look at, or is there?