Those Lightsaber Chopsticks Now Light-Up

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If you thought nothing could ever top those Star Wars-themed chopsticks that looked exactly like miniature lightsabers, you're about to have your mind blown wide open again. Because thanks to improvements in miniature LED and battery technology, those lightsaber chopsticks now feature a glowing blade.


They won't be available until November, but these updated versions of one of the best pieces of Star Wars merchandise ever, now glow either blue or red—depending on if you choose the light side of the force and go with Luke, or the dark side and opt for Vader. They'll sell for around $23 a pair, and you can pre-order them now if you want to get your hands on a set the parsec they're released. [NCSX via Technabob]


Andrew Liszewski

These would also be incredibly convenient when dining in poorly lit sushi joints. I don't want your damn ambiance, I just want to see my food!