Watch This Awesome Version of the Indiana Jones' Theme Sung By Only One Guy

With all the bad news today, I needed something to make me smile. Nick McKaig, famous for making vocal versions of The Simpsons and Star Wars came to the rescue with this fun and surprisingly perfect version of Indiana Jones' main theme. [Thanks Nick!]

p.s. Here are the secret lyrics for the Indiana Jones theme, if you want to sing along.


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That was so awesome! This is what I love about the earlier John Williams scores, they're MEMORABLE.

Can anyone hum the tune to AI? Tintin? Saving Private Ryan maybe? How 'bout Minority Report? War of the Worlds anyone? Bueller? ...Bueller?

What about ANY of the score from the Star Wars prequels? Probably only the most die hard fans would be able to hum Dual of the Fates. And of that minority, I'd say 10% could hum Across the Stars, and of that small group I'd bet that only 5% could hum Battle of the Heros.

Up until Jurassic Park, everything had this wonderful memorable melody. Then after that, those melodies were replaced with fluff.