Hollywood-Backed iOS App Vyclone Pioneers Social Filmmaking

The video featured above was created with Vyclone, the filmmaking app for iPhone and iPad that launches publicly today.


Vyclone is the brainchild of the British musician Joe Sumner, whose inspiration came from the hundreds of iPhones he'd notice waving in the audience, recording his performance while he played on stage. The problem with this, he thought, was that each phone only has the benefit of its own vantage point, while all around, scores of other audience members are doing the same thing, and getting a slightly different view.

With help from the deep pockets ($2.7 million deep) of Ashton Kutcher, Guy Oseary (Madonna's manager), LiveNation, ThriveCapital, and Dreamworks, Sumner rounded up a team of 13 (9 of whom are engineers) and together they've come up with Vyclone: an app that allows up to four users standing within a 100-foot radius of one another to record 60 seconds of video.


With the finished clips, the app creates a sort of "mashup" movie, taking advantage of the various camera angles to come up with something a little more... dynamic, say, than the typical YouTube sigle-camera shot. The finished product is delivered to each of the users within just a few minutes and can be shared on both Twitter and Facebook and within Vyclone's own community. (Users can edit the mashup video themselves, afterwards, as well.)

I'm genuinely looking forward to try this app out... just as soon as I find three friends who've download it, too. [BusinessInsider]

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Does this mean we'll actually be seeing MORE phones in the air during concerts? I hate being stuck behind some idiot that is watching the entire show from their stupid little phone screen. Are you actually going to go home and watch that shaky iphone video you shot from 200 feet away? Can't people just enjoy shows anymore? Does everything need to be recorded and documented at all times?

Don't get me started on the idiots that record live events on their iPads.