Explore the Antarctic From Your Desktop


Ever fancied taking a jaunt around the Antartic but weren't too keen on the idea of dealing with the frostbite, potential for death under every step, and the bitterly cold temperatures? Not to worry: Google's got you covered with some seriously stunning 360-degree panoramas, and Street View of historic places like Scott's hut. Time to go exploring, 21st century-style.


Google had to resort to using lightweight tripods and fisheye lenses for this job, as even its Street View trikes and backpacks would have been a tad too heavy for trudging about in the snow.

As a result we can all be armchair explorers - grab your laptop or tablet of choice and get-a-wandering the Antarctic. Desolate and cold has never looked so beautiful than from the warmth of the sofa. [Google via Gizmodo UK]

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i really dislike the blurred zoom transitions in street view. they could probably make that a bit smoother and easier on the eyes.