LCD + NYC: Waxing Nostalgic About LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem broke up last year. But not before going on a five day concert bender, with one final, enormous show at Madison Square Garden. Shut Up and Play the Hits chronicles those final days.


The movie is only in theaters for one night—July 18. But before it comes out, you can tide yourself over with LCD + NYC, a Lance Bangs-directed four part series that discusses the band's deep connection to New York (part one is above, the rest will are dropping here in the days leading up to SUAPTH). LCD Soundsystem might be defunct now. And that's a little sad. But for about a decade, James Murphy and co. made music that perfectly encapsulates specific feelings and experiences—what it's like to be young, broke, hungover, partying, in or out of love, having great times with your friends. Somehow capturing nostalgia and beauty and so many things in danceable packages. And many of those songs are especially appropriate to New York City. If you live here, you feel it—just watch the above clip and hear Nick Kroll, Reggie Watts, and others say it.

If you haven't gotten your hands on tickets, well good luck. Scalp 'em, find 'em on Craigslist, whatever. Anyway you do it, go see this movie. [TheCreatorsProject]


Leslie Horn

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