How to Start Using Passbook on iOS 6

While Apple announced the launch of Passbook for iOS 6 a couple of weeks ago, even those using the developer release of the operating system can't really try it out properly—as information to use with the app just isn't out there yet. Now, however, Redmond Pie has shown us how to start trying it out.


You do, of course, need iOS 6, which is currently only available as a developer release. But, once you have that, the rest is straigtforward. As 9to5mac explains:

First, open the website on your iOS 6-enabled device, and then select which type of pass you would like to create.

Fill in the pass with the correct information, like the card number and member name.

Press create.

It will then open inside of the Passbook app, which will make the app completely usable!

Of course, with rumors of Apple's intention to roll out a mobile payment system circulating, it's probably only a matter of time before we're all using Passbook anyway. [Redmond Pie]


Lol nice lost reference