Check Out How Insane This Tiny New Detail in iOS 6 Is

We've shown you the big guns of Apple's newest software tiara. We've showed you the subtle, overlooked features. But this? This is just a crazy addition—so small and precise I had to double check my phone.


Giz reader Zach wrote in after noticing something strange going on in the new Music app:

I noticed today that the reflection on the metallic sliders in the iPod app actually change as you tilt the phone from side to side.

And by God, he's right. Apple actually modified the app so that it'll detect the phone's slight shifting of position and create an artificial gleam on a virtual knob meant to replicate a design feature from the 70s. Functional? Nope. Entirely superfluous? Yep. Impressive? Yep again, if only for its lunacy. This is skeuomorphism on bath salts, and proof beyond a doubt that even post-Jobs, there are still some attention to detail nutcases onboard. [Thanks, Zach!]


I don't care who you are or what your OS is. That's just cool.