Mark Zuckerberg Staring at The Vatican with His Wife

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The Summer of Zuck is upon us. Here's Mark "Secret Wedding" Zuckerberg with his new bride, Priscilla Chan. Their honeymoon was great! They ate McDonalds, failed to use an ATM, and took pictures of... something.

Our first privacy-compromising tipster sends us this cute tale of fame and photography in the land of the Pope:

This is a photo of Mark and his new wife on their honeymoon in Rome. We were at Vatican City at the Vatican Museum on our way to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica. In this photo, he is taking a photo of another tourist who didn't recognize him at all. Funny story, she asked him if he could take a picture of her and he said "of you?" He completely thought that she wanted a picture with him. Little did she know that she just talked to a $20 billion man.


Thanks, tipster!

Remember, put on your sunscreen, unzip that hoodie, and email your personal paparazzi photos to

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Bwhaha! what a STUPID mustache. He thinks he cool, all like "I am not le tourist hoh hoh!"

WOW look at his wife! Ohhh you think your a rapper now cuz you have Beat headphones, haha she even brought a stupid microphone, pick that buger girlfriend

I hope they don't step on that steaming pile of poo!


Take that.