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The Most Extreme Zipline In the World Is One Hell of a Ride

This is absolutely nuts: watch people riding as fast as 87mph (140km/h) on the ZipFlyer Nepal, the world's craziest, most extreme zipline.


It was just finished on Sarangkot, near the city of Pokhara, Nepal. The zipline has a vertical drop of almost 2,000 feet (600 meters) and a distance of almost 6,000 feet (1.8 kilometers). That makes it the tallest and steepest zipline in the world, according to the people who built it. They say that, while it's not the longest in the world, its scale is unmatched.

I want to zipline across the Himalayas now.

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Nothing dangerous about it and looks extremely well made and with safeguards in place. Now those home made zip lines in GA are the shit