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The Black Keys: Gold On The Ceiling

The just-released video for their song "Gold On The Ceiling" is either too high-concept to understand, or just The Black Keys being lazy with a shitty video camera and four pairs of adult footsie pajamas and four baby bottles.


...Except, this was actually directed by Harmony Korine, the guy responsible for everyone's favorite depressing teen sex movie Kids—not a 15-year-old kid with a camcorder and a strange idea of "art."

Worst: Ironic use of VHS and flashing metroid-font captions.

Best: Prosthetic clones of Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach, wearing matching footsie pajamas and hanging limply from each man from a diaper-like harness.


YouTube's top-rated comment for the video is apt, for a variety of reasons: "I NEED AN ADULT." [BuzzFeed]

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I dislike the Black Keys...

There, I said it. I'm also fully acknowledging that The Big Come Up and Thickfreakness are two of my favorite albums of all time. I also think Brothers was a tremendous leap forward for the band and they deserved all the praise they received.

They are a fantastic band, but they are also (specifically drummer Patrick Carney) total hypocrites.

I'll make myself clear from the beginning, I'm a fan of subscription based music. I think its the future of music. The Black Keys rejection of subscription based music, like Spotify, is asinine to me. Now you may say I'm being cheap, but I'd contend that me paying to what amounts to $120 a year for music is actually more than most people spend yearly on album purchases. 90% of the bands I listen to currently are because of Spotify's "Similar Artist" feature. Band of the Day is one of my favorite iPhone apps for discovering new music. If I like the sample track I jump over to Spotify and listen to the rest of the album. Honestly, I'm done with spending $10 on an album that I might like. I also think it's safe to say the vast majority of people are done buying single albums.

But that's beyond my point; back to why The Black Keys are hypocrites.


American Express

Electronic Arts


Those are just a few of the companies that the Black Keys have received money from so their songs can be used in advertising. That doesn't include the countless movies/tv shows their songs have been featured in. It also doesn't include the massive promo campaign they did with the NCAA to market the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

So again, why are they hypocrites? You can't preach how Spotify isn't a good means to make a living while also clearly making a fortune selling your music to massive corporations. You are who you associate with. It's becoming more clear, at least to me, that the bands who are taking the biggest issue with subscription based music are the ones that are making the most money.