Crazy Video of 747 Jumbo Lifting Without Engines In the Middle of a Storm

This is crazy: watch this 747 trying to take off on its own in the middle of a airplane boneyard in the Mojave desert, California. It happened last week, May 23, when a low pressure zone brought 70mph winds to the area.

Of course, the 747 didn't have the weight of its four engines or any interior equipment. And given its aerodynamic profile, it's reasonable to expect such behavior if the plane is not secured to the ground. Still, it's a crazy show.

Apparently, next morning the plane was found turned 45 degrees from its parking position. The storm damaged many rooftops and cut power in many areas. [Extracrew]

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In most airplanes the little wing in the back (horizontal stabilizer and elevator) actually lifts down, balancing the center of gravity against the center of lift. Without engines the CG is basically at the CL, making it very unstable. You're seeing the tail pulling down, rocking the plane on its wheels.