The Most Creative (and Ridiculous) Ways To Open a Beer Bottle

Think you and your friends have come up with the most unique and original ways to open a beer bottle? Think again. Chris Sumers and Adam Young created this fast-paced video, Bottle Cap Blues, that shows everything from axes, to iPods, to nail guns, to belly buttons being used to crack open a cold one.

As part of our Memorial Day coverage we've already shown you the best bottle openers money can buy. But sometimes you just can't wait for Amazon to deliver one to your door. That's when you need to improvise, and no one does it better than the folks featured in this video. Oh, and the belly button trick? We suggest you leave that one to the professionals. [Vimeo via The Presurfer]

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Most of those were twist off. And most of those were also the exact same way to open the beers, with different flat edges. Yawn.