Olympic-Sized Pool Boat Is an Instant Tourist Attraction—Just Add Water

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The city of Antwerp is currently in the process of converting an old ferry boat into its newest tourist attraction—an almost 400-foot long swimming pool that will double as a skating rink in the cold winter months. It's an idea that's so simply genius we think every city should build one.

The Badboot, which roughly translates to 'bathing boat' in english, is currently being built from a rescued ferry boat that would have otherwise been scrapped for salvage. It's expected to be completed sometime in August when it will be floated into a new tourist complex that will also include restaurants and other attractions.

In addition to being built from what is essentially a recycled boat, the Badboot pool will also embrace other eco-friendly ideas like draining the heated water into a holding tank beneath the pool every night keeping it warm and reducing evaporation. And when the water level is topped off from the surrounding port, it will be cleaned and purified using a natural reed bed filtration system.


As a temporary attraction the pool is actually a brilliant idea. Building costs are minimal, and when its ten year contract with the city is up, if the good people of Antwerp don't want to renew the agreement, the Badboot can simply pull up anchor and find another city in need of summer relief. [Badboot via Inhabitat]

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You would think there would be an INSANE amount of wasted energy considering how well water transfers heat. Fill a glass up with warm water and place it in a cool bath tub. It isn't going to take long for the water in the glass to cool down.