Best Buy Employee Publicly Outs Straight Man on Facebook

Does nobody at Best Buy operate by any reasonable code of ethics? Just last month came news that the company's CEO Brian Dunn (who has since stepped down) was ensconced in an affair with one of his blue-shirted employees.

Today we learn of Richard Dewberry, the Colorado man who was publicly outed on Facebook by the Best Buy employee who was supposed to be handling the repair/replacement of Mr. Dewberry's phone.


As it happens, Mr. Dewberry's mobile Facebook account was still logged in when he left his phone in the hands of a service employee. The device, it was determined, couldn't be fixed, so Best Buy issued him a new one.

Curiously, though, the phone was not so horribly damaged that this Best Buy employee couldn't change Mr. Dewberry's Facebook status to "I am gay, Im coming out," before tossing it for scrap.

Mr. Dewberry tells ABC7 News Denver that his new phone "started ringing constantly, after that, from ex-spouse to friends,"—all of whom were shocked by the news, because Richard Dewberry is not actually gay.

A juvenile prank, to be sure. But for Richard Dewberry to say that his "reputation has been tarnished," seems a tad melodramatic (and, well, indirectly homophobic), no? [HuffPo]


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To take advantage of your position like that shows horribly low personal character and the person should loose their job. On the other hand to claim any really serious or long lasting damage to ones reputation is clearly ridiculous. Post a retraction/explanation and anyone who saw the status update is taken care of. The bad PR Best Buy will receive from this will be more than enough "pay back" for any lapse in policy on their part.